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    London Cork Turntable Mat

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    London is known for being a major center of the development of popular music, particularly rock, pop, and electronic music. The city has been home to many famous musicians and bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and Adele, and is also home to many iconic music venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, the O2 Arena, and the Barbican Centre.

    Cork turntable mat details:

    • Reduces Static
    • Dampens Vibrations
    • Improves Record Grip and Stability
    • 11.75" Diameter and 0.15" (4mm) Thick
    • Sublimation Printed for Fade-Resistant Design
    • 100% Natural Cork from Southern Europe
    • Manufactured in NY, USA 🇺🇸 

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    Premium cork turntable platter mat

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    ✅ Made in NY, USA ❌ Made in China
    ✅ 100% Natural Cork ❌ Not Natural
    ✅ Cork from Europe ❌ Cork from ?
    ✅ Sanded Smooth ❌ Not Sanded
    ✅ Sublimation Printed (Fade-Resistant) ❌ Ink-Printed (Fades with Time)